Bitters are as old as cocktails, but Cocktailpunk looks to the future, not the past. Our goal is simple: to create compelling accents for the modern cocktail. Cocktailpunk cocktail bitters are a carefully chosen set of basic elements that are focused and nuanced, simple yet devious. They are perfect in classic cocktails, but were really designed for the cocktails that haven't been invented yet.

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Courtesy of Mr. Robert Hess

1 oz Aquavit
1 oz dry sherry
1 oz Cynar
2 squeezes Cocktailpunk Palisade Peach Bitters
lemon twist

Stir and serve up in a chilled coupe. Garnish with a lemon twist.

An astonishingly successful cocktail in the classic Negroni proportions. This neglected classic is simply transformed by Palisade Peach Bitters.

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