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Boulder-based Cocktail Punk’s bitters savoring the sweet

  "Raymond Snead moved to Boulder in 1978 for graduate work in computer science, a good decade before computers began creeping like thieves into the mainstream. When he wasn’t rock climbing, the Virginia native was programming. The early bits and bytes toil worked out well for Snead. Computers, as you may have noticed, never fell into “fad” territory. About eight years ago, he began messing with cocktail bitters, elixirs of concentrated flavor that bartenders use for making drinks. Friends liked them, so in 2012 he founded Boulder’s Cocktail Punk, one of the first contemporary bitters start-ups in the nation. And now, cocktail bitters are savoring quite the sweet moment, although not one that yet enjoys “hijack the cosmos” status (I,...

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We won! Very proud to be a Good Food Foundation Good Food Awards Winner for our Oak Aromatic Bitters

With over 2,000 entries each year, the competition is fierce for a Good Food Award. In each category, three food crafters from each region – North, South, East, West and Central – receive the honor each year. Look for the blue Good Food Awards seal on the shelves of exceptional grocers like the Good Food Merchants Collaborative who take care to stock them.   Good Food Award 2019

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Head east to discover County’s best new food

The just-announced roster of 401 finalists is chockablock with great Boulder and Colorado food makers, and it happens to serve as a handy tool for assembling an all-Colorado gift basket. Boulder-based finalists are Cocktailpunk Oak Aromatic Bitters and The Farmer’s Porch Ghost Pepper Heirloom Pumpkin Seeds. Other locally made finalists include Colorado Green Chili Potato Chips (Morgan Handmade Rations), Smoked Buffalo and Pork Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst (CharcutNuvo), Somerset Cider (Big B’s), Carmen Estate Washed Geisha (Commonwealth Coffee) and Honey Salted Caramel (Bee Ranch). Details:   Boulder Weekly

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