Colorado Lavender Cocktail Bitters
Colorado Lavender Cocktail Bitters

Cocktail Punk

Colorado Lavender Cocktail Bitters

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We're firm believers that every cocktail deserves a little help, and if you want to get experimental with your cocktails and try adding some spice, look no further. Made specifically for those who like to push the envelope just a bit more than others by blending ginger and citrus flavors with our organic lavender grown right here in Palisade Colorado’s Western Slope—you'll be creating both flavor-filled and decorative concoctions in no time.. 2.0 oz., 50% A.B.V.

Modern Aviation
Created or adapted by Cocktailpunk
2 oz gin
.75 oz lemon juice
.5 Luxardo Maraschino
2 squeezes Cocktailpunk Colorado Lavender bitters
Shake, pour into a chilled coupe, and float an additional squeeze of Lavender bitters.
It has been said that the best Aviation is the one with the least Crème de Violette, and this riff takes this sentiment to the extreme. The Lavender bitters add just the right floral note.