Elderberry Cocktail Bitters
Elderberry Cocktail Bitters

Cocktail Punk

Elderberry Cocktail Bitters

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Need a little help getting through cold and allergy season? Cocktailpunk's Elderberry Cocktail Bitters are here to help! Made with clinically studied ingredients, these bitters are fast-acting and perfect for protecting yourself against seasonal threats. And they're not just for cocktails - a few drops of these bitters can enliven any beverage, from smoothies to seltzer water. So ditch the plain old H2O and make your drinks work double-time - with Cocktailpunk's Elderberry Cocktail Bitters, you can have your health (and your happy hour) too! 


The Hillside
Courtesy of Mr. Chance Humphery, Hooked
2 oz Bulleit Bourbon
.75 oz sage black pepper simple syrup
.5 oz lemon juice
Cocktailpunk Elderberry Bitters
Splash ginger ale
Cracked black pepper garnish
Shake first 4 ingredients and serve over rocks, top with ginger ale and garnish with a little black pepper.